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MPOWR Marketing Consultancy Curaçao


MPOWR is a full-service marketing company that empowers organizations by providing them with the right tools to create a strong brand identity.

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Three Common Challenges of Freelancers

I am a FREElancer which does not mean that…

  • You can FREEly contact me at any given time.
  • My expertise is for FREE.
  • You have the FREEdom to pay me whenever you feel like.

Now let’s dive into these statements that illustrate three common challenges that freelancers are facing. (more…)

My top 3 challenges as a mompreneur

Three months ago, I gave birth to my firstborn. Everyone says that your life will change completely when you become a mother, but you don’t have a real idea of this new life until you’re experiencing it. Being the mom of Naëm is the most beautiful and overwhelming experience, and as an entrepreneur, I am still figuring out the balance between motherhood and entrepreneurship. (more…)

5 Tips for Non-Profit Marketing

The world of non-profit organizations includes government institutions, social enterprises and the charitable sector. Most non-profit organizations face the same challenge of being highly dependent on financial contributions. These organizations have to move mountains with a limited budget. Follow these tips about cost-effective marketing strategies to achieve company goals. (more…)

Manifest Your Success

Coincidence doesn’t exist. At least not in my world. I believe in the Law of Attraction: the ability to attract joy, happiness, money, success, a life of abundance. If we focus on positive/negative thoughts, then we can attract positive/negative experiences in our life. At first the Law of Attraction may sound like a belief for hippies, but I have personally experienced countless ways in my personal life and career how this law works in effect. Let’s dive into one experience. (more…)