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My top 3 challenges as a mompreneur

female entrepreneur working on her laptop while holding a baby.

Three months ago, I gave birth to my firstborn. Everyone says that your life will change completely when you become a mother, but you don’t have a real idea of this new life until you’re experiencing it. Being the mom of Naëm is the most beautiful and overwhelming experience, and as an entrepreneur, I am still figuring out the balance between motherhood and entrepreneurship. (more…)

5 Tips for Non-Profit Marketing

hands begging for money.

The world of non-profit organizations includes government institutions, social enterprises and the charitable sector. Most non-profit organizations face the same challenge of being highly dependent on financial contributions. These organizations have to move mountains with a limited budget. Follow these tips about cost-effective marketing strategies to achieve company goals. (more…)

Manifest Your Success

Gary Vaynerchuck During Advertising Week 2019

Coincidence doesn’t exist. At least not in my world. I believe in the Law of Attraction: the ability to attract joy, happiness, money, success, a life of abundance. If we focus on positive/negative thoughts, then we can attract positive/negative experiences in our life. At first the Law of Attraction may sound like a belief for hippies, but I have personally experienced countless ways in my personal life and career how this law works in effect. Let’s dive into one experience. (more…)

The Top 6 Lessons on Entrepreneurship

Evita at Google Photobooth during Advertising Week 2018

The past year was filled with different projects for clients, traveling and learning how to deal with new challenges. Every day I learn something new. Lessons on entrepreneurship have a big impact on my decisions to manage MPOWR as efficiently and effectively as possible. Let me share the top 6 lessons I’ve learned in 2018 that will shape my future in 2019. (more…)