Empowered people, MPOWR others!

Picture of marketing consultant and founder of MPOWR Curaçao, Evita

My focus is to strengthen your market position with cross-media strategies, strategic media planning and content marketing. Through MPOWR I apply my knowledge to improve your brand image and to achieve other business objectives. Writing is one of my creative outlets and I use my writing skills in Dutch, English and Papiamentu to add value to your content.

Let me empower you as well by expanding your knowledge of the current marketing landscape. Growth is an important element to me, so I regularly attend conferences and workshops within my field of expertise. Every time I gain new knowledge, I make sure to update my workshops, lectures and training.

Aside from my work as a communication specialist and educator, I founded the creative platform Passionistas in April 2016. Passionistas is a foundation that provides a platform for crafters, foodies, and artists on Curaçao. Under the umbrella of Passionistas, I organize events and participate in projects to stimulate creativity and entrepreneurship. Passionistas received a Special Recognition Award of the Ministry of Economic Development in 2017. Our foundation has regularly participated in brainstorm sessions with this Ministry to stimulate creative entrepreneurship on the island. In 2022, we received the Circular Award at the Curaçao Innovation Award for ‘Project Second Chance’, a rehabilitation program that we’re carrying out in collaboration with Sentro di Detenshon i Korekshon Kòrsou. Follow the Facebook page and Instagram account for updates about our events and projects.