Persuading people to change their behavior is harder than convincing them to buy a product or service. Behavior is a complex thing and it doesn’t happen overnight. So how do you trigger someone to take action that will benefit himself/herself and the society? Community engagement can be a successful strategy for behavior change.

Getting people involved can be an effective strategy to stimulate behavior change. When you include an incentive in your intervention, it will motivate people more to participate. My latest creative idea included these principles as a community engagement strategy to draw attention to the littering problem in Bonaire.

Students happily present their painted trash bin
From trash bin to artwork © Kenny Ranking

The Sushi òf Dushi Kliko Challenge

The Sushi òf Dushi Kliko Challenge invited students from different schools in Bonaire to paint green trash bins and transform them into artwork. FYI, kliko is the name in Papiamentu (the native language of Bonaire) for trash bin. The youngsters and the schools won a prize for the most beautiful painted trash bins. The goals of this project were:

  • To reduce littering;
  • Create more awareness about waste separation;
  • More attention for the ban on single-use plastic;
  • Community engagement.

In order to achieve all goals, the project consisted of different elements. The Sushi òf Dushi Kliko Challenge started with an interactive presentation for the students. They discussed the importance of taking care of our nature, waste separation and the impact of single-use plastic. Local artists guided the students to painted nine trash bins into amazing creations. Afterwards the community could vote on social media for their favorite bin.

Presentation about the littering problem and the importance of separating waste © Kenny Ranking


Community engagement

The bin with the theme ‘Plastic Wave’ won the Audience Award with 466 votes. The 9 art bins received many comments of people who were impressed by the creativity of the students. They were even interested to buy the kliko art! Even though it was amazing to receive several requests to buy the kliko artwork, the painted bins will be placed at the tourist route in Bonaire. The entire community and tourists can admire these bins, but above all have more options to deposit their waste.

A trash bin with animals painted on it
Protect What You Love © Kenny Ranking
A trash bin with nature and litter painted on it
Plastic Wave © Kenny Ranking

Additionally, the jury selected the kliko with the theme ‘Protect What You Love’ as the ultimate winner of the challenge. MBO Bonaire won also a prize of $1000, which is the school where one of the winners goes to. The school can use this money to buy materials that they need. Student Juriëlla Josephia, accompanied by Jo Coffie made a rap about disposing litter responsibly and protecting nature. Several radio stations in Bonaire broadcasted the important message of the kliko rap.


In conclusion, the Sushi òf Dushi Kliko Challenge applied a community engagement strategy that contained the elements protection of the environment, waste management, education and tourism. Different elements that contribute to a more sustainable Bonaire. This project would not have been possible without collaboration. The World Wide Fund for Nature – The Netherlands, the Public Entity Bonaire, Selibon N.V., Tourism Corporation Bonaire, STINAPA Bonaire, Hòfi Kultural Bonaire, Caribbean Homes Bonaire, Krioyo Paint, Caribe Watersport en Water Taxi, Salty Tours Bonaire, the local artists and students made this project a BIG success!



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