Coincidence doesn’t exist. At least not in my world. I believe in the Law of Attraction: the ability to attract joy, happiness, money, success, a life of abundance. If we focus on positive/negative thoughts, then we can attract positive/negative experiences in our life. At first the Law of Attraction may sound like a belief for hippies, but I have personally experienced countless ways in my personal life and career how this law works in effect. Let’s dive into one experience.

Picture of Evita Sanches during Advertising Week

Investing in knowledge

When I visited New York for vacation in July 2018, I immediately got inspired by the vibrant energy of this big city. My mind started racing with new ideas for MPOWR and Passionistas. After I travelled back to Curaçao, I wanted to maintain that energy and inspiration. I decided to search for workshops, crash courses, trainings, seminars, network events etc. within the marketing field in New York. The intention was to use this new knowledge to expand my services. After a thorough search I found exactly what I wanted: a boot camp about Digital Marketing at General Assembly. The ultimate goal was to attend another course or event to get the most out of my stay in New York. I came across the 15th anniversary of Advertising Week, a four-day conference, which started the next day after the boot camp!

View of New York, taken during Advertising Week.

Advertising Week New York

As I was looking at admission prices, my excitement decreased a bit because the general admission was roughly $550. The vacation in July was not a planned vacation, neither was this business trip, so my budget was limited. But I was still determined to go and started to calculate in my head, if I was able to afford this event as well. While I was browsing to the end of the website’s page, I came across the option to volunteer at AW New York. My heart started to pound, because this is even more valuable! I could experience behind the scenes of this major event and attend the panels and seminars for free when I’m not working. Win-win! Two weeks after submitting my motivation letter, I received a confirmation email that I was selected as 1 of the 200 volunteers!

The conference

On the first day of the conference I was excited to see Gary Vaynerchuck. I attended the interactive master class of We’re Magnetic on designing consumer-first experiences which was scheduled just before the fire-side chat with Gary Vaynerchuck and Ken Auletta. Lucikly, I was sitting in the second row, very close to the stage. I would be up close and personal with Gary after this masterclass!

Unfortunately, I really needed to go to the toilet. However, everyone had to go through an exit outside of the building when leaving the auditorium. Every time you had to exit and enter the building again, if you switched auditoriums. By the time I got back from the toilet, there was a long line of people, eager to see Gary as well. It was almost discouraging, but I demanded my mind to focus on positivity. I was going to see Gary. Period.

Gary Vaynerchuck During Advertising Week 2019


The line was moving along and just when I only had four people in front of me, a member of the staff informed us that they’ve reached full capacity. I stayed in line and was still convinced that I would attend the fire-side chat with Gary. I explained the ticket agent about my unfortunate restroom break and begged him if I could stand and watch the fire-side chat. It was not allowed due to safety policies, but I still didn’t give up.

After 10 minutes, staff member walked out of the auditorium to announce that there was still room for one person! The ticket agents offered this place to the lady in front of me, but instead of accepting this opportunity immediately, she asked if her friend can also come along.

I made eye-contact with one of the ticket agents, while the others were discussing with the lady, and he waved at me to enter the auditorium. Without any hesitation I rushed inside to find a seat. I lost my “VIP” spot, but I saw Gary discuss about the disruption in the advertising industry and the value in capitalizing on consumer attention.

Manifest your success

Was all of this a coincidence? I don’t think so. Our mind is a powerful tool with an immense capacity to manifest everything we want. Be aware of your thoughts, wishes and verbal expressions, because they can influence everything that you attract in your life. You have the ability to make your life as successful as possible. Specify for yourself what you want, write it down, visualize it and release your intentions. You also have to work towards it, but by deliberately sending out the right energy, you are already one step closer to your goal. Just try it and believe me, you will be amazed.