Case study: (re)branding Stichting Birgen di Rosario

Stichting Birgen di Rosario approached MPOWR to give support in rebranding the foundation and increasing awareness of its services. This foundation, that offers care to senior citizens on Curaçao, wanted to portray that they are committed to stimulating an active and healthy life for senior citizens.

The rebranding campaign consisted of creating a new corporate identity, website and Facebook page. Videos were developed to give information about the elderly care that the foundation provides. MPOWR managed the whole project and worked alongside a graphic designer, website builder, photographer and videographer to make this project successful. In connection with the foundation’s 75th anniversary, a press conference was held to present its new corporate identity, goals for the future, and to launch the new website.

To increase awareness of the foundation’s services under the community on Curaçao, the Facebook page is regularly updated with photos and videos to highlight the activities and care for senior citizens. On average, every two months press releases are sent to traditional and online media.

Newspapers and television stations are frequently invited to attend events and activities that are organized for the elderly. The organization’s newsletter was also reintroduced in the new corporate identity to enhance internal communication as well.

The results

Up until now, the Facebook page has a high customer engagement and MPOWR still manages to grow the fan base mostly organically (due to a very limited advertising budget). Two videos that were posted on Facebook went viral. The website is visited regularly and Fundashon Birgen di Rosario can benefit from free publicity of the media. The newsletter receives positive responses from employees. Nowadays the newsletter is also published on the website.

MPOWR continues to assist the foundation with full-service marketing services to optimize its external and internal communication.


Case study: attractions of Curaçao Tourist Board

Logo Curaçao Tourist Board

“MPOWR has been commissioned by the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) to assist in analyzing and evaluating the current strategy and marketing efforts of some attractions to stimulate application of the concept of Experiential Travel. MPOWR also helped with organized individual and follow-up sessions with CTB and attractions.

The situation before the CTB hired MPOWR as far as the 4 pilot projects, i.e. attractions lacked the necessary knowledge and experience to properly promote their attraction either through traditional or alternative media to both the local as well as visitor market. Equally, not enough time was spend on appropriately putting attention to adequate pricing strategies so as to improve their bottom-line.

The professional and creative direction of MPOWR really stood out with the attraction owners, with the owner spending well-above average times interacting with and sharing her expert knowledge. Equally, it helped us to foster and further strengthen an innovative mindset to traditional small and medium-sized companies in the tourism and hospitality industry.

I would highly recommend MPOWR since its clients would benefit from the integrative method they display through the projects that they are in charge of. In addition, MPOWR also exhibited some really creative and fun ideas which unequivocally facilitated the attractions to book so much success so as to advance to the level of offering a unique experience to their customers.”

Testimonial of Dr. Dino Daal, Senior Advisor Strategy, Department Development & Planning


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